How We Work?

  • Materials
  • Building Technology
  • Our work team
  • Research
  • Design

Selection of variety of fabrics (Nylon , Polyester , PVC or polyurethane coated rip stop , etc. ) that meet the highest safety standards for the best finish , greater security and resilience.

Hi- tech sewing machines and glued (double seams allowing better finish faster and economy).
Software design , molding and cutting, which improves performance and achieve the exact model medidad .
Exclusive Motors , quieter and comfortable to carry. 220v . ( Electric and gasoline-powered ) and 12v(DC) electric.
This is the way we arte able to build safer and simple inflatable advertising ... that lasts for years .

We have technicians and workers with more than ten years experience in building, assembling and finishing fabric structures .

Our strong commitment to an ongoing search for creative and effective solutions makes research one of Boreas´ basic tools .
For this, we work together with U.S. companies , exchanging visits and experiences.
Locally, we make developments in conjunction with our suppliers, while maintaining a very smooth professional bond.
We permanently update and test our materials, machinery and software.

Customer consulting by our designers, allowing the model finished , achieve the desired impact.
Digital printing, cutout plotter and hand-painting by experts , so that the finished artistic replicas (labels , logos , realism in various forms , etc. ) is perfect.

Client Servicing

  • Logistics and Distribution for events across the country
  • Maintenance
  • Post-sales service
  • User Manuals: all the information necessary for installation
  • Guarantee: We offer warranty on all our products.