Inflatable Structures for Advertising

Under present market conditions , firms should display their products in an original and creative way , thus quickly and efficiently attracking the attention of the consumer public.

At Boreas We can tell you about hundreds of cases in which our products have enabled our clients to make contact with their customers , obtaining direct and effective response.

Backed by our experience with firms that have chosen to use our advertising services, we can state that inflatable advertising is not only a way of displaying a given product in an original and attractive way, but is also a key aspect of any firm´s business success strategy.


These are the best option to display any product on large scale and in a colorful and striking way.

They are ideal for business and sporting events, exhibitions and showrooms.

Inflatable Structures

Inflatable structures allow you to create striking and original spaces , capturing a much more rigid structures to conventional care.

Inflatable Games

At BOREAS , we aim to generate exciting entertainment with our inflatable games. This is the key point in making an entertainment business successful, pleasure-giving and profitable.

We know that by offering these products to our clients , we will enable them in turns to generate that level of entertainment satisfaction, and speedily attain their business objetives.